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Welcome to Doxieville – Children’s Book by Darrin Todd Martin

Todd and Trudi Martin came to us with a passion and an idea. They love their dachshunds at home, which they’ve bred for years, and they wrote a children’s book which celebrates the personality of each pup and brings them to the page.

As a first-time author, working with a first-time illustrator they’d met locally, they had a lot of questions—they were committed to publishing a great book. Our team was happy to answer questions, provide good advice, and coach them through the process to make sure that the results exceeded their expectations.

“The hardcover books just arrived, they are BEAUTIFUL! You guys did a great job!” – Trudi Martin, co-creator of Welcome to Doxieville.

The Columbus Publishing Lab team edited the manuscript, worked with the illustrations to lay out the interior of the book, proofread the book, and built a cover with the provided artwork. The resulting book is gorgeous, error-free, and an amazing representation of Todd and Trudi’s passion.

Welcome to Doxieville is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Sony/Kobo in hardcover, paperback and digital formats, as well as available to brick-and-mortar bookstores around the world.

We also built a custom WordPress website at, and provided guidance and consultation as they set out to market their book.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, it’s OK that you don’t know how to complete every part of the publishing process. That’s why we’re here.  Our authors bring their passion to the table, and we fill in the gaps to ensure that their books are better than the books coming out of the big, traditional publishing houses.

Todd and Trudi could have taken this book to a traditional publishing house. But by working with Columbus Publishing Lab, they maintained creative control of their work, they produced a better book, and now they’re in a position to make more than 10x the royalties per book sold.

Do you have a passion that you’d like to see on the page? Let’s start a conversation. Contact us today.

Skeeters — Proving Press

Jeffrey Miller was mowing his lawn one day when he came under attack by a scourge of hungry mosquitoes. These skeeters are eaters! he thought as he did the mosquito slap and shuffle. That first rhyming line grew into a complete poem. For years, he held onto his Skeeters story.

When Jeffrey met Brandy he recited Skeeters and she encouraged him to turn this whimsical poem into a children’s book everyone could enjoy (and of course they fell in love!). Brandy and Jeffrey got married, and started the process of growing their family through adoption.

As the Millers discovered how limiting the cost of adoption can be, publishing Skeeters became more than a personal project. With the help of local illustrator Dale Herron and Columbus Publishing Lab, Skeeters would become not only a beautiful children’s book, but the perfect vehicle to help Jeffrey and Brandy raise funds to support their own journey, and other couples seeking adoptions.

“My wife Brandy and I have chosen to grow our family through adoption. Adoption can be an expensive undertaking. Many families have room in their heart for an adopted child, but the financial cost keeps them from fulfilling that desire. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Skeeters will be dedicated to support future adoptive families in their efforts.”

Our first role in publishing the Skeeters book was to help Jeffrey and Brandy get their Kickstarter campaign off the ground and gaining traction. We produced, shot and edited their Kickstarter video, answering questions about crowdfunding promotion along the way. By the time their campaign closed, Brandy and Jeffrey exceeded their goal and raised over $8,000 for their cause!

Check out the Millers’ archived Kickstarter campaign here, and watch them tell their story in their own words. 

After Brandy and Jeffrey’s campaign closed it was go-time. Kickstarter backers were expecting paperback, hardback and e-book versions of Skeeters, and Columbus Publishing Lab was ready to come through.

We worked with Dale, the Millers’ illustrator, to ensure the Skeeters files were up to spec for our printer, checking elements like bleed, spine and formatting. We also provided an ISBN and barcode for each version of the book, and created an e-book version from the provided print files.

As soon as the files were ready, we uploaded Skeeters to our printer. Jeffrey and Brandy were able to print book copies at a significant discount off the list price to fulfill their Kickstarter orders. Through our distribution services, the book is also available to all major online retailers in a seamless process that’s completely hands-off for Brandy and Jeff.

Learn more about printing and distribution through Columbus Publishing Lab here. 

Backyard mosquito champions all over the world can now easily find and purchase Skeeters and enjoy this beautifully-produced tale in their own home.

Check out the paperback, hardback and e-book versions of Skeeters on Amazon here. 

Throughout the entire publishing process Jeffrey and Brandy had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. We were there to answer questions, guide their illustrator, and provide them with the information and expertise they needed to stay in the loop about the Skeeters project.

Congratulations to Jeffrey and Brandy on the successful release of Skeeters!

We love supporting authors, especially when their work has a meaningful guiding force behind it. Isn’t it time your book became a reality? Contact us to learn more about publishing by clicking here. 

The Deceived — Proving Press

The Deceived by E. C. Fisher is a work of dark, biblical fantasy. The book opens with the death of God, and then launches readers into an epic good-versus-evil story that pits the Archangel Michael against monsters, demons and Lucifer. Set in the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Rapture, Michael and his ragtag group of followers set off on a desperate journey to save the souls of all humanity.

The Deceived tells a story E. C. Fisher felt compelled to write. He wrote the book quickly, his manuscript taking shape around his own frustrations with the real-world troubles humanity grapples with today. After receiving favorable feedback from his peers, Fisher began the process of finding a publisher who would allow him to retain creative control over his debut novel, and his relationship with Columbus Publishing Lab began.

Fisher chose the Catalyst package–everything he needed for a professionally produced novel, with the extra support of a marketing foundation to help boost his work into the hands of readers. Learn more about publishing packages here. 

We got right to work. Fisher worked with an outside copy editor prior to contracting Columbus Publishing Lab, and so our first step was to take his raw manuscript file and create a custom interior design for The Deceived. Our designer chose an aesthetic to reflect the dark tones of the book, while maintaining a simple, readable layout.

Writers spend a lot of time in the worlds they create for their characters. Fisher wanted The Deceived cover to represent his ideation of Lucifer, and he provided detailed notes describing what he was looking for–down to the facial structure and hairstyle of his antagonist.  These instructions were then provided to one of our professional illustrators, who transformed Fisher’s words into a provocative, illustrative cover.

After the interior design was complete our proofreader combed through the manuscript again, searching for any last-minute errors, while also checking design elements like page numbers, headers and spacing. Our e-book designer then created a digital version of The Deceived that’s readable across all major e-book platforms.

While the book was in production, our web developer created an author website designed to be a tool to reach more readers, and a showcase for current and future work by E. C. Fisher. Built on a simple WordPress platform, Fisher’s website is easy to update, customize, and blog from at any time.

Check out E. C. Fisher’s author site here.

Given the thrilling story line and thought-provoking themes in the book, The Deceived was sure to garner some attention. But with so much self-promotion work needed to make even the most exciting new release stand out, Fisher enlisted the help of Columbus Publishing Lab to boost his marketing efforts in the critical time following his book’s release. We created printed marketing materials he could hand out at readings and conferences, helped with content creation, social media management, and acted as his publicist to help solicit reviews.

Learn more about our marketing services here.

The Deceived is distributed through our Proving Press imprint to all major retailers. E. C. Fisher collects a quarterly check for his sales, without the hassle of running to the post office, storing and warehousing orders, or paying for them upfront. This leaves him time to market his debut novel, and work on his second one.

Find The Deceived on here.

Throughout the entire publishing process Fisher had a dedicated point of contact to answer his questions and provide him with updates. He never had to wonder if his emails were being read, or if his project would be completed on time. This level of service is standard procedure at Columbus Publishing Lab.

Do you have a book that you felt compelled to write? We want to hear about it. Click here to contact us and learn more about the personal publishing experience we create for our authors.

A Little Book About Big Bullies — Proving Press

Despite Roxanne Price’s hectic work schedule, she already had a complete, edited, illustrated children’s book when we first met with her. Roxanne’s book, A Little Book About Big Bullies, is a full color picture book with activities designed to make kids think about how they treat their peers.

Find A Little Book About Big Bullies on Amazon here. 

Having already published a book with a large self-publishing company in the past, Roxanne was looking for a straightforward local company who could provide print-on-demand distribution and inexpensive printed copies, without eating up the lion’s share of her profits.

Roxanne came to our initial consultation prepared with smart questions and a keen sense for how she could make a partnership with Columbus Publishing Lab work for her book. After comparing our prices to those of other companies, Roxanne decided to distribute her book through our Proving Press imprint.

Learn more about printing and distribution services here.

We worked with Roxanne’s illustrator to ensure her files were up to spec for our printer, checking elements like the bleed, spine and formatting. We also provided an ISBN and barcode for her book.

As soon as the files were ready, we distributed A Little Book About Big Bullies to major online retailers. Parents, students and educators can now easily find and purchase the book in a seamless process that’s completely hands-off for Roxanne. She’s able to maintain her busy schedule without the interruption of taking orders, warehousing books or waiting in line at the post office. She collects a check for her sales, and we handle the rest.

Our distribution services also include setup with our printer. Roxanne is able to purchase copies of her book at a significant discount off the list price, in any quantity at any time. We ship books straight to her door, or anywhere across the world.

Throughout the entire publishing process Roxanne had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. We were there to answer her questions, guide her illustrator, and provide her with the information and expertise she needed to stay in the loop about her project.

Whether your project is complete, or your manuscript is a raw file on your computer, we’d love to hear about your book. We help authors and publishers at all stages of the publishing process produce professional books. Contact us here for more information.

Hockey Daze — Proving Press

Rolf Remlinger is a funny guy who loves hockey. For the past 25+ years he’s been illustrating the humor he finds on the ice, delighting sports fans with hockey comics in the style of Gary Larson. His work has been featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Hockey Ink, Hockey Stop and Michigan Hockey.

When Rolf came to Columbus Publishing Lab he had a stack of paper comics succumbing to the ravages of time. To accompany these he also had a host of extras: press passes, article clips and insider hockey knowledge.  Rather than let his work be lost to fading ink and yellowing paper, we were ready to preserve his collection forever by publishing Hockey Daze.

After an initial consultation, Rolf decided the Solution Package best fit his needs. Our first step was to copy edit the text that accompanied Rolf’s comics, correcting errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as standardizing it to a style guide.

Learn more about our self-publishing packages here.

After the text had been professionally edited, the bulk of our work went into arranging the materials Rolf had provided in a fun, readable way. Our interior book designer matched each comic with a caption containing behind-the-scenes information about its creation, and added fun details like extra pen-and-ink illustrations, copies of press passes and articles Rolf had accumulated over the years.

After the interior files had been created, a proofreader combed through the book files, catching any last errors in the text or layout. We also created an e-book version of the book, designed specifically to be readable across all major e-book platforms.

Rolf provided his own cover design, and our team added the final elements like the barcode and book description, while ensuring the cover was formatted correctly for print.

As soon as Rolf was completely happy with the final files, we distributed Hockey Daze  in paperback and e-book formats to all major retailers. Rolf collects a check, and we handle all the hard work. The convenience of our distribution services gets Hockey Daze in the hands of hockey fans without the need for Rolf to miss a single game.

Find Hockey Daze for sale here. 

Our distribution services also include setup with our printer. Rolf can purchase books in any quantity from us at a significant discount off the list price, which allows him to offer special signed copies to friends and family, and through his existing website.

Throughout the entire publishing process, Rolf had a dedicated point of contact for questions and updates. He never had to wonder if his emails were being read, and a friendly Ohioan was available to take his calls every time.

If you’re interested in making your book project a reality, we invite you to contact us by clicking here. We’re happy to sit down with you for a free consultation, or answer your questions via email/phone.

We produce great books of all kinds. Will yours be next?

Colorblind — Proving Press

Doug Fernbacher is a father, entrepreneur, star of TLC’s reality show Rattled, and an perf8.000x8.000.inddauthor. He’s a busy guy with an appreciation for work done well the first time.

Doug wrote a children’s book called Colorblind to teach kids (and parents too!) that although families may not look alike, we all have more in common than we think. After his reality TV stint Doug wanted to utilize the platform of fans and followers he’d gained and convert them into readers. He worked with an illustrator who created artwork for the Colorblind storyline, after which Doug had a small test run of books printed.

But the quality of the books and a lack of distribution was limiting Doug’s reach. Every media appearance was an opportunity, but he had no way to connect his potential readers with a high-quality, easily accessible product.

Enter: Columbus Publishing Lab

When Doug contacted us he needed two things: The ability to have professional-quality books printed at an affordable cost, and an outlet for readers to purchase Colorblind that didn’t suck time and energy from Doug’s life. With the next season of Rattled set to air, buzz about the show was growing. It was time to act fast or lose PR.

Just hours after meeting with Doug and learning his situation, the Columbus Publishing Lab team started working to produce a paperback, hardback and e-book version of Colorblind. Our interior designer reformatted the artwork files from Doug’s illustrator, making sure everything was sized, laid out, and formatted correctly for print. Instead of a flimsy stapled paperback, Doug’s books would be professionally bound and printed in vibrant full color, complete with an ISBN, barcode and Library of Congress number.

Within two weeks of that first meeting with Doug our distribution services had Colorblind up for sale on and And just like that, when Doug plugs his book in interviews, media appearances and on social media, his followers can easily find, order and receive Colorblind in a seamless process that takes no time from Doug’s busy life.

Check out Colorblind on Amazon here.

Because Colorblind is set up with our printer, book copies are available to Doug at a significant discount off the list price. When Doug and his wife Marsadie took Colorblind on the road to conventions, we were able to ship books to venues across the country, ready for them to sign and sell.

Along every step of the publishing process Doug had a personal contact at Columbus Publishing Lab, ready to respond to phone calls and emails without delay, answer questions and provide updates as needed.

“I really appreciate the stellar customer service you’ve shown us so far–you really don’t get it as much these days!”

With the help of Columbus Publishing Lab, Doug Fernbacher was able to publish a beautiful book, make it easily available to readers, and have printed copies readily available for his promotion efforts. He owns 100% of his rights, and the only upkeep to deal with is cashing a check for quarterly sales.

Learn more about our publishing packages and services here. 

Whether you want control over every step of your book project, or you’re short on time and need us to handle the details, Columbus Publishing Lab can provide a custom publishing experience to fit your needs. Don’t let that manuscript sit in a drawer.

Contact us here.

Jim Paoletti — A Practitioner’s Guide to Physiologic Bioidentical Hormone Balance

Jim Paoletti saw a demand for a concise, accurate guide to physiologic bioidentical Paolettihormone balance, and he wrote a book to fill that void. He came to Columbus Publishing Lab with a product, and we got that product buyer-ready.

Find Jim’s book on here.

This book is chock full of diagrams, to-the-point explanations, and formulas. Our interior designer organized those materials into a comprehensive layout that made it ideal for the target market: busy practitioners and pharmacists. The result is a book full of complex subject matter that’s easy to read, and easy to use.

Jim worked with an outside artist to create his cover artwork. We took that existing cover art and provided a cover consultation to ensure his book would be up to printer specs, and looking good when it hit the market.

We may not understand physiologic biodentical hormone balance, but we know enough to produce great books. Here’s what purchasers of Jim’s book have to say:

“Jim Paoletti has given a wealth of hormonal information in this book that is impressive. I have attended many seminars on the subject and it’s nice to have all the information organized and accessible in this format.”

-Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent reference for any compounding pharmacist working with patients in HRT. The information is clear and concise and direct…”

-Amazon Reviewer

In addition to the book production, Columbus Publishing Lab also provides Jim with distribution services. Jim’s book is available to all major retailers around the world, without the need for Jim to run around to doctor’s offices and post offices. We handle the hard work of maintaining the sale of the book, and Jim collects the check.

Columbus Publishing Lab works on all kinds of projects. Whether you’ve written a non-fiction book for a niche market, or you’re trying to get your life story out there, we can help you produce a professional book.

Contact us here to learn more.

Kathleen Sutton — Let Me Lead

Let Me Lead tells the story of a gentle woman dealing with loss, a brutal temptress ebook_coverdetermined to destroy everyone she comes in contact with, and the young dance instructor who has their full attention.

We enjoyed working with author Kathleen Sutton to turn her thrilling manuscript into a published novel.

Nab a copy of Let Me Lead here.

The first step in the publishing process was copy editing. A professional editor combed through the raw manuscript, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and standardizing the text to a style guide.

As soon as the copy edit was complete, our designer worked closely with Kathleen to create an interior design aesthetic that fit the target audience of the book, while still being readable and professional.

While our proofreader checked the book’s interior for any remaining errors, we worked with Kathleen on her cover. We enhanced a photograph she provided to create a cover image that is eye-catching and reflective of the dramatic nature of the book.

After Kathleen was completely happy with both the cover and the interior of Let Me Lead, we created an e-book version. Columbus Publishing Lab handles the print and e-book distribution for Kathleen. We handle the hard work of getting the book up for sale, and Kathleen collects a royalty check.

Let Me Lead is already garnering great reviews! Professional editing and production services DO make a difference.

“As I read Sutton’s book, Let Me Lead, I was intrigued by the development of the complex characters and how they continued to intersect with each other in ways unforeseen…  I could not put the book down. I look forward to Sutton’s future novels.”

–Amazon reviewer

We love helping authors succeed. If you’re interested in taking your book project to the next level, we invite you to contact us today by clicking here. 

When It Rains It Pours — The Solution Package

When It Rains It Pours tells the story of a troubled Cleveland family. Their bonds are tested perf6.000x9.000.inddover and over again by heartbreak and hardship, but their will to keep the family together perseveres.

Ron Wilson Jr. drew from his own experiences as he was writing When It Rains It Pours. With so much heart put into the writing of this book, he wanted to find a company that would invest the same time and care into the publishing process.

After meeting with Columbus Publishing Lab, Ron decided The Solution package included everything needed to produce a professional book. Our copy editor got right to work, thoroughly editing Ron’s manuscript to eliminate errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation, all while standardizing it to a style guide.

As soon as the copy edit was complete, our interior designer formatted the text to look professional and be readable. From there, a proofreader combed through the interior once again, searching for any last mistakes in the text or in the design.

Our cover designer worked closely with Ron to create a standard cover design that fit the serious tone of his book. After selecting a photo, we professionally laid and manipulated type to compliment the stormy aesthetic.

After Ron was 100% happy with the final book files, we distributed When It Rains It Pours  in paperback and e-book formats to all major retailers. Ron collects a check, and we handle all the hard work.

Find When It Rains It Pours here.

We were also able to help Ron spruce up some existing marketing materials he had prepared for his book, leaving him with a professional platform to attract new readers. Learn more about our marketing services here.

Throughout the entire publishing process, Ron had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. There was always a friendly Ohioan to take his phone calls or answer his emails.

Columbus Publishing Lab produces great books. If you’re interested in publishing your book, we invite you to contact us by clicking here. We’re happy to chat about your project over a cup of coffee, or via phone or email.

Psychology of the Music Business — The Isotope Package

Psychology of the Music Business is the second book Willie H. Alls, Jr has published with perf5.000x8.000.inddColumbus Publishing Lab. This companion to his first book, Making It To The Top In Gospel Music, contains information, insight and advice to help gospel artists find success within the music industry.

Willie chose The Isoptope Package, and added our standard cover design service to give his book the professional exterior he was looking for. We incorporated the aesthetic from his first book to ensure his existing author brand was well represented. The interior of Willie’s book was also expertly formatted — we made sure the text was not only readable, but ready for the printer and all major e-readers.

“Writing is hard work (at least for me it is). Columbus Publishing Lab has made this process easier for me than I ever thought it would be.”

-Willie H. Alls, Jr.

We handle Willie’s distribution to all major print and e-book markets under our Proving Press imprint. There’s no standing in line at the post office, or dealing with frustrating customer service reps.  We do all the hard work, and Willie collects the check.

Find Psychology of the Music Business here.

Along every step of the way, Willie had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. If he had a question or needed an update, there was always someone on the other end of the line to take his call.

We’re here to make the publishing process a professional, enjoyable experience. If you have a book project in the works, we’d love to discuss it with you over a cup of coffee. Contact us here with questions, or to schedule a free consultation.