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The Secrets of Strong Language — Boyle & Dalton

The Secrets of Strong Language features poetry by Sylvia Vance. This collection, compiledebook_cover by her daughter, is the first time Sylvia’s poetry has been published together. We worked closely with Sylvia’s family to produce and publish a book that would honor a lifetime of hard work by a talented poet.

Find The Secrets of Strong Language here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore.

After collecting Sylvia’s poetry, we received detailed instructions on the order and layout of the book, and followed those directions exactly. We provided several design samples prior to completing the book interior to ensure Sylvia’s book would turn out exactly as expected.

After completing the interior design, our cover designer worked with a handwritten page of Sylvia’s poetry, transforming it into a cover for both the paperback and hardback editions of the book.

After the cover and the interior of the book were finalized, we created an e-book version of The Secrets of Strong Language, and distributed the book in hardback, paperback and e-book formats to all major retailers.

What was once a folder of handwritten poetry, is now a beautiful book that can be shared with Sylvia’s family and loved ones.

Publishing your book with Columbus Publishing Lab is a unique experience. We provide professional services, but also the comfort of a one-on-one relationship. If you’re interested in publishing your manuscript, we encourage you to contact us today.

L is for Leader — Boyle & Dalton

L is for Leader LLC has a mission: Create products to inspire, empower and encourage case8.000x8.000.inddyoung girls to live as leaders.

The latest product in the L is for Leader line is a colorful picture book, designed to show young girls what it means to be a leader in their everyday lives. We were thrilled when L is for Leader founder Sarah Kregel came to us with her L is for Leader book materials, and we started the publishing process right away.

Learn more about L is for Leader LLC at

Sarah provided us with the book text, as well as pictures for each page. The L is for Leader team had a clear idea of how they wanted the book to look, and our interior designer worked closely with them to ensure expectations were fulfilled.

We created a professional layout for Sarah’s pictures and text, and added playful embellishments on each page that corresponded with the existing L is for Leader branding elements. Our cover designer then created a bright, simple cover design that uses the L is for Leader logo as the focal point.

After the cover and interior were complete, we reviewed L is for Leader for  inclusion under our exclusive imprint: Boyle & Dalton. Based on the quality of content and design, L is for Leader was accepted and is distributed as a Boyle & Dalton book to all major online retailers in hardback and e-book formats.

Find L is for Leader on here. 

Along every step of the publishing process, Sarah and the L is for Leader team had a dedicated point of contact. If they had a question or needed an update, there was someone to answer their call or speedily reply to an email.

Congratulations to Sarah Kregel and her team on the release of L is for Leader!

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