Our Company

Columbus Publishing Lab is a small, family-owned company built on the idea that self-publishers should be treated with honesty and offered excellent services at a fair price.

Columbus Publishing Lab is a values-driven organization that believes that professional self-publication is good for the book industry.

Brad Pauquette has worked as a publishing consultant for many years, helping publishers at all levels of the industry.  From self-publishers on a limited budget, to major market players, Brad has helped authors and companies publish fantastic books.

In the process of publishing books for Columbus Press, Columbus Creative Cooperative and a variety of independent clients, Brad has developed a team of qualified, professional editors and designers.  In the spirit of collaboration, it only seemed natural to extend these services and professionals to the public on a broader scale, thus Columbus Publishing Lab was founded.

Emily Hitchcock, our Chief Operations Officer (COO) and the Deputy Director of Columbus Creative Cooperative, manages the day-to-day operations of Columbus Publishing Lab.

We want your book to succeed.  It doesn’t always happen, publishing is a competitive game and self-publishing can be difficult, but we’re on your team.  We look forward to working with you, and we look forward to seeing your book in print.

Our pricing is fair, and it’s based on our cost to deliver.  There are no gimmicks or games, and we do our best to explain all of the costs up front.

With our professional services, no one will believe you self-published!  Contact us to discuss your project today.