Distribution Services – We’ll Print and Fulfill Orders for You

Professional distribution is the ideal tool for self-publishers.  So many first-time self-publishers get bogged down with the day-to-day order fulfillment process.

They order a thousand books that end up sitting in the basement and then when they get orders, they have to wait in line at the post office.  Plus, working with Amazon and retailers is a giant headache, and without any leverage, they get terrible rates.

Our distribution services take care of printing, order fulfillment and distribution, from start to finish.  You receive higher compensation for your book and none of the hassles.

Looking for our Distribution Pay Rates? You’ll find those here.

With our distribution services, we take care of the:

Printing – You don’t warehouse your own books.  We foot the bill for any stock that we think we’ll need, and we take care of the orders when they come in.  When a book sells, we subtract the cost to print the book from what we owe you, you keep the rest.

Order Fulfillment – Never touch a book and never go to the post office.  We’ll take care of all of the orders, and you’ll get a check each quarter.  Because of the number of books that we manage, we can offer this service at roughly the same price as if you print, fulfill and ship your own books, and it will save you hours of time in line at the post office and dealing with customers.

Distribution – If you do your own distribution, Amazon will rob you blind, taking more than half of the list price of your book and requiring you to pay to ship your book to their warehouse (through the Amazon Advantage program).  Because of our quantity of business, we can avoid all of these fees and you can keep a much greater portion of the sale price.

With our distribution services, you set your list price (suggested retail price) and the discount (wholesale price).

Want to see your book in bookstores?  Your book will be distributed and available to all major bookstores.  We can’t make them stock it on the shelf, but it will be available for them to order and they will take special orders upon request.  If bookstores do want to carry your book, it will be at their fingerprints.

Distribution Avenues

We provide our distribution services through two imprints.

Proving Press is available to anyone, doesn’t carry any additional fees and will provide all of the benefits of fulfillment and distribution.

Boyle & Dalton is an exclusive imprint that guarantees a book’s quality to readers and bookstores.  There is an application fee (which is waived for all of our packages) for consideration, and there are price point requirements to list your book.  Boyle & Dalton books are ranked as well as independently published books by readers and bookstores, and no one will believe that your book is self-published.

Our complete distribution package (print and e-book) costs $299.  E-book only distribution to all major digital retailers is available for $99.

Contact us for more information on how our distribution services make your life easier, and increase your book’s profitability.