Proving Press – Affordable Distribution

Proving Press is available to all Columbus Publishing Lab clients who would like to use our book publishing services.

To use our distribution services, your book must be listed by one of our imprints.  The book can still include your self-publishing company’s name as the copyright holder.

By publishing your book through the Proving Press imprint, you have access to all of our fulfillment and distribution services, and benefit from our exclusive rates.  Your book will automatically be listed by and, and will be available to bookstores as well.

Your e-book will be listed with all major digital markets, including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony and Kobo.

If you’re using one our Self-Publishing Packages, there’s no additional fee to distribute your book through Proving Press.  If you’re producing your book elsewhere but would still like to use this service, the fee for distribution setup is $299.

Contact us to find out how your book can be published through Proving Press.