A Business Notion Put in Motion

A Business Notion Put in Motion: The Wit and Wisdom of Jim Whitacre is available for purchase at retailers worldwide! 

In the early 1970s, Jim Whitacre was an established senior CPA and he turned his attention toward helping young accountants entering the business world for the first time. The young recruits were sharp with accounting skills but totally green in the ways of business. Jim had an idea to write a poem about starting a business and the various challenges a young entrepreneur might encounter. That idea was the origin of this book.

“This book is brilliant and highly entertaining! I can see businesses giving this to their employees, and high school and college teachers having their students read and study this book as a great introduction to the business world. I also highly recommend this book to ordinary folks (like myself) who want to easily learn about how businesses are grown and be entertained at the same time.” -Amazon Reviewer

Find your copy of A Business Notion Put in Motion at a major retailer or pick it up at your favorite bookstore! Don’t forget to leave a review when you’re finished.

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