Book Release: Becoming Nora

We are excited to congratulate Margaret Farrell Kirby on the release of her new book, Becoming Nora, published under our Proving Press imprint!

Becoming Nora explores how unexamined pasts and repressed emotions can simmer beneath a seemingly ordinary and happy marriage.

Until the day her husband shattered her world with the news that he was unhappy and wanted a separation, Nora Stanton had been sure her life was settled, perfect in fact. At age forty, they had everything: good careers, a nice house, and two children-just as planned.

Had she concocted an image of a happy family? How had she been so oblivious?

Nora is forced to face her misconceptions and to uncover parts of herself that had gotten buried in the day-to-day containment of her marriage. As she learns to free herself, she finds herself making choices the old Nora could not have imagined.

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