Book Release: Encounter: Experience God’s Outrageous Love

We are excited to announce the release of Leanne O’Donnell’s new book, Encounter: Experience God’s Outrageous Love!

Do you ever feel that your relationship with God is flat or lacking? Do you long to experience more of God Himself rather than simply learning about Him?

Encounter: Experience God’s Outrageous Love is a compilation of forty spiritual exercises designed to lead you into God’s loving presence so you can know God’s heart for you, experience His healing power, and discover your identity in Christ. Encounter uses God’s promises from the Bible to invite you into a personal experience with God in order to build a foundation of faith deeply rooted in God’s love. It’s affirming when someone tells you God loves you, but hearing it directly from Him is transformative.

The purpose of each exercise is to position you to hear directly from God through His Word. Each exercise will lead you through a verse, a short reading, and a few questions. Some questions will lead you inward to pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and motives. Other questions will lead you to tune the eyes of your heart to God so He can show you what is true. Whether you’re seeking a reconnection, or you’ve never heard from God before, Encounter makes experiences with God real, possible, and accessible.

Order your copy of Encounter: Experience God’s Outrageous Love from a major retailer or request it from your favorite local bookstore today!

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