Book Release: The Wrong Life

On the outside, Samantha has it all: money, looks, opportunity, love. But on the inside, Samantha is different. She can’t stop making bad choices. She’s restless and often reckless. In The Wrong Life, we meet Samantha’s family, friends, doctors, lovers, spouse, and her children, all of whom she enlists for help in her constant search for that one elusive thing—happiness.

When Samantha meets Alice, both their lives have fallen into disarray. They develop strong ties as they help each other through dark times. They are soulmates.

Kelly Anne Johnson loves red lipstick, perfectly manicured nails, and strong men. She and Samantha get along so well as college roommates that after school they move together to NYC. Kelly has a lot to say about relationships.

Jay Anthony Russo meets Samantha in high school. He’s been attracted to Samantha forever and regularly shows up wherever she settles—no matter her relationship status.

When Samantha meets Dennis McKenzie, she believes she has found her true love, her protector, and the right life, the one she’s been searching for all this time. Dennis is a celebrated surgeon who adores Samantha, and although he’s aware of her problems, he’s certain he can fix whatever’s wrong and that they’ll be the perfect couple.

And Samantha feels that way too—for a time—until the fear, doubt, and questions creep back in: Did I choose the wrong life? Is there a right life?

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