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L is for Leader — Boyle & Dalton

L is for Leader LLC has a mission: Create products to inspire, empower and encourage case8.000x8.000.inddyoung girls to live as leaders.

The latest product in the L is for Leader line is a colorful picture book, designed to show young girls what it means to be a leader in their everyday lives. We were thrilled when L is for Leader founder Sarah Kregel came to us with her L is for Leader book materials, and we started the publishing process right away.

Learn more about L is for Leader LLC at

Sarah provided us with the book text, as well as pictures for each page. The L is for Leader team had a clear idea of how they wanted the book to look, and our interior designer worked closely with them to ensure expectations were fulfilled.

We created a professional layout for Sarah’s pictures and text, and added playful embellishments on each page that corresponded with the existing L is for Leader branding elements. Our cover designer then created a bright, simple cover design that uses the L is for Leader logo as the focal point.

After the cover and interior were complete, we reviewed L is for Leader for  inclusion under our exclusive imprint: Boyle & Dalton. Based on the quality of content and design, L is for Leader was accepted and is distributed as a Boyle & Dalton book to all major online retailers in hardback and e-book formats.

Find L is for Leader on here. 

Along every step of the publishing process, Sarah and the L is for Leader team had a dedicated point of contact. If they had a question or needed an update, there was someone to answer their call or speedily reply to an email.

Congratulations to Sarah Kregel and her team on the release of L is for Leader!

Columbus Publishing Lab works with individuals, organizations, businesses and small presses to create great books. If you’d like more information on making your book project a reality, we invite you to contact us here.

The Flycaster — Boyle & Dalton

We worked with R.K. Blessing to produce his first novel, Clare R., and we’re excited to announce the release of his second book, The Flycaster.

Thisperf5.000x8.000.indd coming-of-age story follows Brody, a young man on the run from an abusive father and the foster care system that’s failed him. When he falls asleep on the back porch of a dark shop in Eugene, Oregon—half-starved, sick and unsure where he is—he awakens to a world he never imagined.

Find The Flycaster here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. 

Blessing came to us with a manuscript that had a lot of potential, but needed a lot of work to be publication-ready. While it’s never easy to hand over your hard work to an editor, Blessing trusted the professionals at Columbus Publishing Lab to provide him with the feedback he needed to transform his manuscript from good to great.

Blessing worked closely with our developmental editor to revise The Flycaster manuscript. His rewrite, based on suggestions from our editor, resulted in a manuscript that was accepted by our Boyle & Dalton imprint — a mark of quality within the publishing industry.

After Blessing had completed his rewrite of The Flycaster, our copy editor combed through the manuscript, correcting grammar and punctuation errors and standardizing the text to a style guide.

After our editors cleaned up the manuscript, our interior designer took that text and professionally formatted it to be reader-ready. Blessing provided us with some fantastic pen and ink drawings to include throughout the book, which our designer incorporated in each chapter heading. After the interior design was complete, our proofreader meticulously read through the entire manuscript again, catching any remaining inconsistencies.

While the interior was being professionally formatted, our cover designer worked with Blessing to create a custom cover design that would appeal to the book’s target audience. We incorporated a fishing fly, a main element of the story, with the watery silhouette of a young couple holding hands.  Spoiler alert: The Flycaster is a love story. ❤️‍

After the cover and interior were completed, we reviewed Blessing’s book for inclusion under our exclusive imprint: Boyle & Dalton. As a result of the revisions Blessing made to his manuscript following our developmental edit, The Flycaster was accepted and is currently distributed as a Boyle & Dalton book.

Learn more about Boyle & Dalton here.

Along every step of the publishing process, Blessing had a dedicated point of contact. When he had a question, someone was always on the other end of the line to answer his call. When he sent an email, he received a speedy response. This is the standard service level for all Columbus Publishing Lab clients.

Clients like R.K. Blessing who decide to publish with us over and over again are the greatest testament we have to the quality of our products and services. Bottom line: we produce great books. If you’re interested in publishing with Columbus Publishing Lab, we invite you to contact us by clicking here. There’s a real, live person on the other end waiting to answer all of your questions.

The Joy of Argument — Boyle & Dalton

Everyone has an opinion. Whether you use argument in your professional life, or you’re perf5.500x8.500.inddtrying to become better at everyday discourse, The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra is a compact resource to help you get your point across.

Albert chose our Catalyst Package, which includes a full suite of publishing services, as well as a marketing base that includes an author website.

A professional copy editor got to work cleaning up spelling and grammar mistakes in Albert’s manuscript, while simultaneously standardizing it to a style guide. As soon as the copy edit was complete, our interior designer took the raw Word Document, and transformed the text into a professional book interior.

After the interior had been completed, an indexer combed through the manuscript, compiling a list of terms and page number references that would become the book’s index.

After the index was complete, our proofreader read through the manuscript a final time, meticulously checking and rechecking the text, interior design, and index references. After the interior was clear of errors, we created an e-book version, designed specifically to be readable across all major e-book platforms.

While our editors and interior designers were working their magic on the manuscript, our cover designer was working closely with Albert to create a custom cover design. We paid attention to styles the author preferred, and created an aesthetic that compliments the target audience of the book.

During the production process, Albert’s book was reviewed and accepted by Boyle & Dalton, our exclusive imprint reserved for top-quality books. Learn more about Boyle & Dalton here.

Our team of marketing consultants formulated a plan for Albert’s book that includes a personalized author websiteAs the book production was being completed, our web developers created a custom WordPress site for The Joy of Argument, giving him an easy, professional platform for promotion.

Check out our handiwork here:

In addition to his website, we created printed marketing materials for Albert, as well as setting up social media accounts for his book.

Thanks to our distribution services, The Joy of Argument is now available as a paperback and as an e-book from, as well as all major online retailers. Find a copy for yourself here. 

From editing to marketing, Columbus Publishing Lab can provide all of the publishing services you need to produce a professional book. Along the way, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact at all times. No waiting days to hear back from different representatives, no sending emails off into the void. We’re here to make this experience enjoyable for you.

If you’re interested in publishing your book, we invite you to contact us by clicking here.

Kathleen Sutton — Let Me Lead

Let Me Lead tells the story of a gentle woman dealing with loss, a brutal temptress ebook_coverdetermined to destroy everyone she comes in contact with, and the young dance instructor who has their full attention.

We enjoyed working with author Kathleen Sutton to turn her thrilling manuscript into a published novel.

Nab a copy of Let Me Lead here.

The first step in the publishing process was copy editing. A professional editor combed through the raw manuscript, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and standardizing the text to a style guide.

As soon as the copy edit was complete, our designer worked closely with Kathleen to create an interior design aesthetic that fit the target audience of the book, while still being readable and professional.

While our proofreader checked the book’s interior for any remaining errors, we worked with Kathleen on her cover. We enhanced a photograph she provided to create a cover image that is eye-catching and reflective of the dramatic nature of the book.

After Kathleen was completely happy with both the cover and the interior of Let Me Lead, we created an e-book version. Columbus Publishing Lab handles the print and e-book distribution for Kathleen. We handle the hard work of getting the book up for sale, and Kathleen collects a royalty check.

Let Me Lead is already garnering great reviews! Professional editing and production services DO make a difference.

“As I read Sutton’s book, Let Me Lead, I was intrigued by the development of the complex characters and how they continued to intersect with each other in ways unforeseen…  I could not put the book down. I look forward to Sutton’s future novels.”

–Amazon reviewer

We love helping authors succeed. If you’re interested in taking your book project to the next level, we invite you to contact us today by clicking here. 

When It Rains It Pours — The Solution Package

When It Rains It Pours tells the story of a troubled Cleveland family. Their bonds are tested perf6.000x9.000.inddover and over again by heartbreak and hardship, but their will to keep the family together perseveres.

Ron Wilson Jr. drew from his own experiences as he was writing When It Rains It Pours. With so much heart put into the writing of this book, he wanted to find a company that would invest the same time and care into the publishing process.

After meeting with Columbus Publishing Lab, Ron decided The Solution package included everything needed to produce a professional book. Our copy editor got right to work, thoroughly editing Ron’s manuscript to eliminate errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation, all while standardizing it to a style guide.

As soon as the copy edit was complete, our interior designer formatted the text to look professional and be readable. From there, a proofreader combed through the interior once again, searching for any last mistakes in the text or in the design.

Our cover designer worked closely with Ron to create a standard cover design that fit the serious tone of his book. After selecting a photo, we professionally laid and manipulated type to compliment the stormy aesthetic.

After Ron was 100% happy with the final book files, we distributed When It Rains It Pours  in paperback and e-book formats to all major retailers. Ron collects a check, and we handle all the hard work.

Find When It Rains It Pours here.

We were also able to help Ron spruce up some existing marketing materials he had prepared for his book, leaving him with a professional platform to attract new readers. Learn more about our marketing services here.

Throughout the entire publishing process, Ron had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. There was always a friendly Ohioan to take his phone calls or answer his emails.

Columbus Publishing Lab produces great books. If you’re interested in publishing your book, we invite you to contact us by clicking here. We’re happy to chat about your project over a cup of coffee, or via phone or email.

Psychology of the Music Business — The Isotope Package

Psychology of the Music Business is the second book Willie H. Alls, Jr has published with perf5.000x8.000.inddColumbus Publishing Lab. This companion to his first book, Making It To The Top In Gospel Music, contains information, insight and advice to help gospel artists find success within the music industry.

Willie chose The Isoptope Package, and added our standard cover design service to give his book the professional exterior he was looking for. We incorporated the aesthetic from his first book to ensure his existing author brand was well represented. The interior of Willie’s book was also expertly formatted — we made sure the text was not only readable, but ready for the printer and all major e-readers.

“Writing is hard work (at least for me it is). Columbus Publishing Lab has made this process easier for me than I ever thought it would be.”

-Willie H. Alls, Jr.

We handle Willie’s distribution to all major print and e-book markets under our Proving Press imprint. There’s no standing in line at the post office, or dealing with frustrating customer service reps.  We do all the hard work, and Willie collects the check.

Find Psychology of the Music Business here.

Along every step of the way, Willie had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. If he had a question or needed an update, there was always someone on the other end of the line to take his call.

We’re here to make the publishing process a professional, enjoyable experience. If you have a book project in the works, we’d love to discuss it with you over a cup of coffee. Contact us here with questions, or to schedule a free consultation.

What If I Had a Father?: Boyle & Dalton

What If I Had a Father? The Man I Never Knew is a newly released, inspiring memoir by Mike Dean. web_coverBoyle & Dalton, the publisher of the book, uses the same team of editors, designers and marketing consultants that are available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

Learn more about Boyle & Dalton here. 

Dean’s book went through a rigorous  developmental edit at the start of the project. A Columbus Publishing Lab editor worked closely with the author to ensure the manuscript was improving with each rewrite.

As soon as the developmental edit was complete, our team of copy editors combed through the book, correcting errors and standardizing the manuscript to a style guide. Our team of designers then produced the interior design of the book to ensure a professional, readable aesthetic across all print and e-book platforms. After the book design was complete, the book was given a complete proofread to catch any remaining errors.

Our cover designers then worked with the author to create a custom cover that includes unique photography elements.

Our team of marketing consultants formulated a plan for Dean’s book that included a personalized author website. As the book production was being completed, our web developers created a custom WordPress site for Mike Dean, giving him an easy, professional platform for promotion.

If you’re interested in getting your story into the hands of waiting readers, we invite you to contact us at We work with authors and small presses of all levels to produce professional books.

Author Spotlight: R.K. Blessing

Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think Columbus Publishing Lab authors are pretty clare r coverawesome. We recently had a chat with R.K. Blessing, author of Clare R., to talk about his self-publishing experience.

Find Clare R. on here.

Like every author who has finished a manuscript, Blessing had to make a decision. Self-publish, or seek out a traditional publisher? For Blessing, self-publishing made the most sense.

Blessing said he first learned about Columbus Publishing Lab after attending a self-publishing seminar. “It was very informative and really got me thinking about the route of self-publishing. It seemed much more viable, and made the idea of publishing seem that much more possible. In other words, I could make a dream become a reality,” Blessing said.

After doing researching on self-publishing companies, Blessing decided to stop into our office and see if Columbus Publishing Lab would be a good fit for his project. “Being able to meet with a group of people in-person and discuss the hard copy of my work was a no-brainer,” Blessing said.

Blessing knew his novel wasn’t ready to go to print right away, and he was dedicated to improving it before handing it over to his readers. After choosing Columbus Publishing Lab,  he commissioned a developmental edit to ensure he received detailed, professional feedback on his manuscript. Blessing said he was nervous to place his first novel into the hands of an editor. “That book contained a lot of emotion, good and bad… I wanted to write something personal, something folks could relate to. To do this you have to become vulnerable and open up [to your readers], as well as open yourself up to criticism and critique. This is what makes your work better,” Blessing said.

Blessing had an idea for the cover, but was willing to let the cover designer take the reins. Being so close to the story, Blessing said it was nerve-wracking to entrust someone else with his idea. “The cover I thought of initially seemed romantic and dramatic to me, but I knew it was dry. It needed more. When I saw what the designer came up with I laughed. I knew it was perfect. It had the flare to draw people in, and…it also maintained qualities I was hoping to use. I couldn’t have been more pleased,” Blessing said.

As an author who has successfully published his first book, Blessing said he would highly recommend the self-publishing experience to other authors. “Writing is not easy by any means. It takes a lot of work and reworking. The thought of going to a big publisher and having them shut you down is very discouraging. Working with Columbus Publishing Lab allows you room to grow during the writing process,” Blessing said.

Learn more about Columbus Publishing Lab packages and services here. 

Blessing said his favorite part of self-publishing so far has been seeing his writing improve along the way. He also enjoyed watching the different parts of his book come together. “Everything got smoother and smoother, and then CPL sent me an email telling me my book was on its way. Hooray!”

“In the end I had a finished product to be proud of, and one that is available for people to read. Self-publishing allows writers to get past that initial hurdle, and from there, the sky’s the limit.”

Blessing currently has a novel and a children’s book about fly fishing in the works. He plans to self-publish both with Columbus Publishing Lab.

We love working with talented, passionate authors like R.K. Blessing. If you’re interested in self-publishing, we invite you to contact us here. A real, live person is on the other end.

Trevor Zahara — The Solution Package

Confessions of an OSU Usher by Trevor Zahara tells the untold stories of the Ohio State OSU usherBuckeye Ushers. Trevor spent a lot of time compiling anecdotes, photos and reflections from his fellow Ushers, and when he decided he wanted to share them in a book, he knew he wanted the finished product to be top-notch. After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, Trevor invested his funds into The Solution Package

Find Confessions of an OSU Usher here. 

Since the book’s release in late August, Confessions of an OSU Usher has been featured on/in Good Morning Columbus, The Lantern, The Bucyrus Telegraph and other local news media. It has steadily been ranked in the Top 100 (currently Top 50!) on in the sports humor category.  

Learn more about our publishing packages here.

Confessions of an OSU Usher was professionally edited, and our team of designers got to work creating a professional-looking book cover with Trevor’s provided photograph. We formatted the interior text of the book for both print and e-book markets, and incorporated the full-color photos Trevor provided. When the book was ready, we uploaded it to all major print and e-book retailers. Since we’re handling the book distribution,  Trevor can fully focus on marketing his book. O-H-I-O!

Throughout the entire publishing process, Trevor had a dedicated point of contact at Columbus Publishing Lab. When he had questions, or wanted an update, there was always someone available to take his call/email.

If you’re interested in producing a professional book, we invite you to contact us for more information. 


Joseph Downing — The Solution Package + Developmental Editing

The Abundant Bohemian by Joseph Downing is a guide to living an unconventional life, cover with borderwhile managing to be happy and make a living in the process. Joe wanted to produce a quality book, and he knew the traditional publishing route wasn’t the only way to accomplish that goal. Columbus Publishing Lab isn’t the biggest, or flashiest self-publisher on the block, but we know how to produce great books. 

…in our all-or-nothing, win-at-all-costs culture, we desperately want the stamp of validation on our work. We’re not writers until a New York publishing house publishes our novel. We’re not painters until we have a show at a prestigious gallery. We’re not musicians without a record contract.
It’s time to let all that go.

-Excerpt from The Abundant Bohemian

The first step to producing a professional book is developmental editing. In a developmental edit, an experienced editor examines elements of the book like narrative arc and plot structure, and provides a detailed report with recommendations to improve areas of concern. The Abundant Bohemian was subjected to a rigorous developmental edit before the rest of the publishing process took place. As a result, Joe was able to act on the suggestions of our editor to improve his book before it was released.

From there, a copy editor read through The Abundant Bohemian line by line, correcting any grammar and spelling mistakes, and standardizing elements of the book to a style guide. The interior of the book was then professionally formatted for both print and e-book markets, and a final proofread was completed before the book went to the printer.

Our team of designers and illustrators created a custom cover design to fit the aesthetic of Joe’s book, and to provide a professional front for his work.

The Abundant Bohemian is available through all major online print and e-book retailers through our distribution servicesWe handle the printing, shipping and fulfillment, providing a hassle-free experience for Joe. 

Because of the exceptional quality of the book, it is distributed under our premier imprint- Boyle & Dalton. We guarantee The Abundant Bohemian is of the same quality as a book produced by the finest independent and traditional publishers. 

Find The Abundant Bohemian here. 

Throughout the publishing process, Joe always had a dedicated point of contact. When he had a question, or wanted an update, there was always someone ready to take his call. We’re committed to making the publishing process simple, professional and enjoyable for our authors.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, contact us here. We’d love to help you produce an exceptional book.