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We’re currently running a Goodreads Giveaway for The Self-Publishing Handbook by Brad Pauquette. Five free paperback copies of this helpful book are up for grabs. The giveaway closes soon, so enter to win your copy today!

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The Self-Publishing Handbook is your guide to self-publishing the right way. This compact book is chock full of insider information and valuable tips to ensure you’re investing your time and money wisely. Whether you’re committed to producing your book on the cheap, or you’re interested in hiring professionals, The Self-Publishing Handbook outlines the key steps every professionally-produced book undergoes before heading to the printer.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Self-Publishing Handbook by Brad Pauquette

The Self-Publishing Handbook

by Brad Pauquette

Giveaway ends January 28, 2015.

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Here’s what reviewers are saying about The Self-Publishing Handbook:

“The Self-Publishing Handbook equips you with the practical street smarts to self-publish your book. It provides a lot of substance in a very clear, conversational way.”

-Amazon Reviewer

“Brad Pauquette has made my job a lot easier. As a newspaper editor and author of a couple of books myself, I have no shortage of people asking me how to get their book published. Now I can tell them: ‘Buy yourself a copy of Brad Pauquette’s book, ‘The Self Publishing Handbook’ and follow his advice because he will tell you everything you need to know.'”

-Amazon Reviewer

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