Free Book Download: The Self-Publishing Handbook

The Self-Publishing Handbook by Brad Pauquette is your guide to self-publishing the right Self-Publishing Handbook by Brad Pauquetteway. This compact book is chock full of insider information and valuable tips to ensure you’re investing your time and money wisely. Whether you’re committed to producing your book on the cheap, or you’re interested in hiring professionals, The Self-Publishing Handbook outlines the key steps every professionally-produced book undergoes before heading to the printer.

“The Self-Publishing Handbook equips you with the practical street smarts to self-publish your book. It provides a lot of substance in a very clear, conversational way.”

-J. Delaney, Amazon Reviewer

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We could direct you to buy the handbook on, but we’d rather give it away for free. We do our best to promote education within the self-publishing community, and if one person’s self-publishing experience improves because of this book, that’s worth it to us. Far too many authors have negative experiences with self-publishing, and we want to change that. If you’re considering self-publishing, we encourage you to do your homework. Look to resources like The Self-Publishing Handbook, and talk to authors who have self-published successfully.

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