Intentional Manhood: A Coach’s Perspective by Mike Stanley

Mike Stanley’s new book, Intentional Manhood: A Coach’s Perspective is now available for purchase!

Although we hear repeatedly that we should live as Godly men, rarely are we taught what actionable steps we can take to honor Jesus, or frankly, what “manhood” even means. So we drift through life and never reach our full potential.

Intentional Manhood is told with the authority and no-excuses attitude that come from Coach Mike Stanley’s 50 years as a coach, combined with the compassion and relatability of his perspective as a man acutely aware of his own flaws. Within these pages Coach Stanley will:

• Encourage you to find your Goal, Guide, and Game Plan for life.
• Inspire you to fulfill your Unique Calling to provide for and protect your family.
• Help you See Clearly the Sacred Mission you have been entrusted with by Almighty God Himself.
• Reinforce the truth that no one can live as an Intentional Man without the power of the Holy Spirit.

Find Intentional Manhood on Amazon or request it from your favorite bookstore. Don’t forget to leave a review to let us know what you think!

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