Lest Darkness Prevail (The Chikondra Trilogy Book 3)

Lest Darkness Previal: Dare to Live the Light by Sandra Valencia is now available for purchase

In the gripping finale of the award-winning Chikondra Trilogy, time dramatically alters the focus of Chikondra’s Minister Sirinoya and his Terran lifemate, Sandra. Challenges force the couple to blend the responsibilities of unification and family with their unique combination of skill and experience in statesmanship.

Meanwhile, history careens along a perilous path. Dedicated diplomats confront growing risks as they doggedly pursue peaceful initiatives. Warily monitoring events that threaten the worlds they serve, leaders conclude that the strategies of a shadowy enemy are working to undermine the stability of the Dil-Terra Interplanetary Alliance. Confident that the elusive Zeteron Empire is on the verge of shifting to an open challenge, many Alliance leaders see disaster looming in the near future. Under the shadow of this threat, questions arise over the union’s will to resist an apparent march toward galactic war.

Dark times create doubt in the minds of even the most faithful of Chikondra’s spiritual guides. When an old fairy tale is recalled, they realize that bits and pieces of the unsettling present appear oddly similar to the ancient legend. Does coincidence play games with the enchanted story? Or does this fable ring bells of warning?

Grab your copy of the third and final Chikondra book, Lest Darkness Prevail, at a major retailer or find it at your favorite bookstore!

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