Ma’Kai! Where Are Your Glasses? By Minyon Patton

Minyon Patton’s latest book, Ma’Kai! Where Are Your Glasses? Is now available for purchase at book retailers worldwide!

For many of us, getting glasses is a fun opportunity in accessorizing, but for children it can be traumatic. It’s not only a loss of control over how they look, but glasses can make a child stand out to classmates. Feeling vulnerable and becoming subject to teasing are just a few of the challenges that children may face with this change.

Ma’Kai! Where Are Your Glasses? is the heartwarming story of a boy who is anxious about needing to wear glasses and worried about what his friends will think. Thanks to his friend Milla’s reassurance and the acceptance of his classmates, Ma’Kai discovers that change can be a good thing and that true friends will always support you for who you are.

Order your copy of Ma’Kai! Where Are Your Glasses at a major retailer or request it from your favorite bookstore! Don’t forget to leave a review when you’re finished.

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