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Professional Editing is what truly separates a book from the pack.  Our professional editors provide friendly, effective service to increase the readability, marketability and professionalism of your project.

We offer three levels of Professional Editing Services.

Developmental Editing – Our editors will help you identify and implement big changes to your manuscript to make sure you’re taking the best possible book to market.

Unlike copy editing, which identifies line by line grammar, style and punctuation mistakes, developmental editing takes a whole-book approach.  Narrative arc, character development, technique, and organization are analyzed and improved..

Traditionally published books go through an extensive developmental editing process. It’s important not to skip this step with your book.

Cost varies based on the size of the manuscript and the quality of the text, but a typical developmental editing process costs about $1,000.

Copy Editing – Our editors will fix grammatical mistakes and other issues, as well as conform your book to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Copy editing, sometimes called “Line Editing” corrects mistakes, and professionalizes your book.

A copy editor will go through your manuscript, line by line, to guarantee that you’re producing a professional book that readers will love and bookstores will want to carry.

Proofreading – Before the book goes to the printer, it’s best to have a professional proofreader make one last check for typos or mistakes that may have arisen during the design phase.

Proofreading typically takes place after the interior design of the book is complete.

Proofreading is the last check before the book heads to market.  It provides a double check on the copy editor’s work for obvious mistakes and typos, and ensures that the typesetting process didn’t inadvertently alter any sentences or present any visual errors.

Proofreading is one of the most important steps in the book production process, and also one of the least expensive.  It is not a substitute for copy editing, it is a critical extra step that separates self-published amateur projects from professionally published books.

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