Children’s Book Complete Plus Package

You provide your best manuscript and illustrations. The “Complete” package, but with a hardcover edition too! Up to 32 pages. Recommended.

For $1,499, this package includes:

Copy Editing
Professional formatting to The Chicago Manual of Style

Interior Book Design
Custom designed for you with your illustrations

Book Cover Design
Stunning and original

A final, important check

Distribution of Paperback Book
Library of Congress registration
Printer Setup: Print any quantity of books at-cost, any time you want them.
80% NET royalty (10x industry average!)
Complete Amazon listing with keywords

Distribution of hardcover book!
Same great royalties as paperback edition

E-book Conversion
Best tech reflowable epub 3.0
Guaranteed compatible on all mainstream devices

E-book Distribution
Kindle, Nook, iTunes, Kobo and more!

Unlimited Publishing Consultations

12 Free Copies of Your Book!
Order more at the cost to print!

Additional fees may apply to books with over 32 pages.

Contact us to discuss the Complete Plus package, and to begin your self-publishing journey today.