R.K. Blessing — The Solution Package + Developmental Editing

R.K. Blessing put a lot of work into writing his romantic-comedy, Clare R., and he wanted clare r coverthe finished book to reflect that. While a lot of first-time authors are tempted to publish immediately, Blessing contacted Columbus Publishing Lab to see what he needed to do to produce a professional debut novel. He chose to publish with The Solution Package, and added developmental editing.

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The first step to producing a professional book is developmental editing. In a developmental edit, an experienced editor thoroughly examines elements of the book like narrative arc, character development and plot structure, and provides a detailed report with recommendations to improve areas of concern. Clare R. was subjected to a rigorous developmental edit before the rest of the publishing process took place. As a result, Blessing was able to make changes to improve his book before it was released.

From there, a copy editor read through Clare R. line by line, correcting any grammar and spelling mistakes, and standardizing elements of the book to a style guide. The interior of the book was then professionally formatted for both print and e-book markets, and a final proofread was done before the book went to the printer.

The Solution Package includes basic cover design, but Blessing wanted to take the exterior of his book to the next level with our premium cover design service. Our team of designers and illustrators created a cover with custom artwork to incorporate elements of the Clare R. story line.

Clare R. is available through all major online print and e-book retailers through our distribution services. We handle the printing, shipping and fulfillment, and Blessing collects the check.

Throughout the publishing process, Blessing always had a dedicated point of contact. When he had a question, or wanted an update, there was always someone ready to take his call. We’re committed to making the publishing process simple, professional and enjoyable for our authors.

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