Social Media BOOM! – The Husband by Aaron Daniel Behr

Aaron Daniel Behr - AuthorAaron Daniel Behr asked us to help. He was toiling away at social media, but wasn’t gaining much ground—few new followers, no new book sales.

So over the month of April, we exploded Aaron’s social media with new, real followers who are interested in him and the books he’s selling.

We grew his Facebook audience from 82 individuals to 3,135 real followers.  Every new follower was carefully targeted because they’re interested in the topics that Aaron is talking about.

During the same time period, his Twitter audience grew from 38 followers to a crowd of 1,385 people. That’s more than a 3,500% increase on both platforms!

Thousands of people are now open, receptive, and interacting when he shares his message of hope, and discusses important topics like mental illness, bullying, Christianity, and divorce.

The Husband by Aaron Daniel BehrNot only did we increase the size of his permanent audience, but we also shared his message and his book with more than 975,000 individuals.  More than 70,000 people interacted with his content.  The Husband, a Christian memoir of his divorce and battle with mental illness, is receiving more attention than ever before.  Since his social media has blown up, Aaron has received offers to be featured in magazines, podcasts, and more.

Learn more about Aaron and his book on his website,  Find him on Facebook here, or on Twitter @AaronDanielBehr.

Before he came to us, Aaron worked hard to produce great content, but no one was responding, the pieces just weren’t coming together. Now when Aaron talks, people are listening. His content routinely gets 100+ interactions with no additional money spent. And when reviewers, agents, and producers find Aaron online, they see an author with an active, vibrant audience and a professional, robust web presence.

This is a game changer for Aaron’s platform as an author, and it will net real book sales as he moves forward, and big opportunities over the next few years. It takes the same amount of time and effort to talk to thousands of people on Facebook as it takes to talk to 82.  Working with Aaron, we’ve built a social media machine that leverages his time and energy. This is an asset that he will keep for the rest of his life.

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