The Design and Construction of the Nautilus – Boyle & Dalton

The Nautilus CoverEver since he was a boy, Demetri Capetanopoulos was enthralled with Jules Verne’s Nautilus, drawing his first set of schematics at the age of ten. Fast forward to the present day, and Demetri has years of experience as a nuclear submarine engineer and deep submersible pilot—and he still loves the Nautilus. The Design and Construction of the Nautilus seeks to answer the question, “Could the Nautilus have been real?”

We worked with Boyle & Dalton, the publisher of The Design and Construction of the Nautilus, to provide editing, design and marketing services, so the finished book would reflect the years of passion and research that Demetri Capetanopoulos put into exploring the science behind the Nautilus.

The first step in the publishing process was a developmental edit. After reading the entire manuscript, an experienced developmental editor provided Demetri with a detailed report containing recommendations to improve areas of concern. As a result, Demetri was able to act on the suggestions of our editor to vastly improve The Design and Construction of the Nautilus before the book was released to readers.

Next, a professional copy editor combed through the manuscript correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, as well as standardizing the manuscript to a style guide. Our editor worked closely with the author to ensure the technical terms used throughout the book were formatted accurately.

After the copy edit was complete, our interior designer set to work creating a custom aesthetic to be both elegant and readable. We also incorporated pictures, graphs, and schematics provided by Demetri to enrich the reader’s experience and illustrate the different systems of the Nautilus, seamlessly building them into the design of the book.

As soon as the interior design was complete our proofreader checked the entire manuscript a final time, searching through the text and the design for any last-minute errors.

Our cover designer worked with Demetri and his publisher to incorporate several schematic drawings, creating a dynamic cover design that commemorates the Nautilus while attracting passing readers to his work.

We distributed The Design and Construction of the Nautilus in paperback and hardcover formats to all major retailers as soon as Demetri was completely happy with his final files. The Design and Construction of the Nautilus is readily available to readers, and Demetri collects a quarterly check for his sales without the need to store, ship or purchase copies of his book up front.

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Demetri spread the word to his friends and family about the release of The Design and Construction of the Nautilus but wanted to expand the reach of his story. Columbus Publishing Lab provided marketing services to Demetri following the release of his book to help get The Design and Construction of the Nautilus into the hands of more readers.

Throughout the entire publishing process, Demetri had a dedicated point of contact for questions and updates. Calls were answered or returned, emails were read and promptly answered, and a close-knit team who actually cared about his book brought the project to fruition.

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