Welcome to the Army — Now Available!

Congratulations to Dennis Schulze on the release of his book Welcome to the Army!  Columbus Publishing Lab was excited to assist Dennis with the production of this military memoir about his time serving as a military attorney in Vietnam.

The Schulze family believed that Dennis had a story to tell, so they gifted him the Columbus Publishing Lab Complete Package.  We edited, designed, and distributed Dennis’ book so that he could bring his story to a worldwide audience.

Our graphic designer made the author’s personal accomplishment into a beautiful book cover.  Dennis submitted a picture of an award he received.  Our graphic designer took that picture, cleaned it up, and turned it into a meaningful cover that Dennis can be proud to call his.

This book used extensive military jargon, which our editor expertly edited and conformed to style guidelines.

“My publisher has been so patient and professional in guiding a
novice author to the completion of his goal. I couldn’t have done it
without you!”  — Dennis Schulze

Check out Welcome to the Army by Dennis Schulze!